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DuPree Construction Co. specializes in sliding patio door replacements and installations in the Chicagoland area. Although our focus is sliding patio doors, we do install a variety of other types of patio doors like French doors and Swing doors. Many issues can arise from the constant use of a sliding door, and it can also be the main reason for heat loss. Properly weatherproofing your sliding door–one service consistently overlooked–can cost you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. Taking the necessary precautions can save you time and money.

Patio Door Installation

Regardless of the size, style, or configuration, you will probably agree that a quality door that’s customized to fit your space is a thing of beauty. Using the right design and materials can add elegance and imbue a sense of history to any home. The visual character that a customized patio door lends can complement your home and reflect your personal sense of style.

At DuPree Construction Co., we can help you design and install the perfect patio door to best accentuate architectural features while also highlighting scenic views and lush landscaping. Besides the aesthetic perks of updating a patio door, there are very real practical benefits as well.

  • Improved Aesthetics: New patio doors can be designed to fit perfectly with your home’s style and exterior and can be a work of art in their own right. They can also bring more natural light into the home, make small spaces feel larger, and blur the lines between interior and exterior.
  • Practicality: New patio doors protect your interior from excessive temperatures, moisture, pests, and if installed correctly they’re also a very safe choice for your home. The glass panels enable parents to keep a close eye on children in the yard, and a patio door’s large opening simplifies foot traffic and logistics. We can also outfit your new patio door with a special pet door to make your pet’s access easy and safe.
  • Customization: Patio doors are available with many different options for materials, finishes, designs, styles, and layouts.  We help to create the perfect solution for your needs while also being sensitive to your budget.
  • Energy Efficiency: A replacement patio door can help to moderate indoor temperatures and typically has excellent energy ratings due to a multi-plane design, low-E coating and insulating gas. Increased natural daylight means less need for lamps, and a cool breeze through the patio screen door can reduce the need to run the A/C.

French Patio Doors – Beautiful & Practical

French-style sliding patio doors are masterfully constructed, embodying a perfect blend of form and function, reminiscent of the elegance of traditional wood French doors but infused with the convenience of modern design. While French patio doors swing open and require additional space for operation, our French-style sliding doors offer the same aesthetic appeal without occupying extra floor space. The design is particularly beneficial for compact spaces, facilitating effortless movement between indoor and outdoor areas.

French-style sliding patio doors can be styled with decorative interior grids that provide an added level of design sophistication. The grids are available in a variety of patterns that range from colonial to prairie and diamond styles. They are placed between the panes of insulated glass, making them very low maintenance and easy to clean.

If you are looking to upgrade your patio door or french patio door, then contact DuPree Construction Co. today and schedule your free estimate.

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