Steel Doors -- Joliet, IL.

Serving Plainfield, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Oswego & The Greater Will County

Steel exterior doors offer safety and security, with a broad selection of designs for residential and commercial use.  Featuring galvanized steel facings, they are factory-primed for easy finishing and have mitered top corners to prevent water absorption. An epoxy-primed back panel prevents corrosion. Our steel doors include energy efficient cores and fire-rated options, giving you peace of mind. We offer solid panel steel doors, steel doors with glass, steel double doors, and impact-rated options.

At DuPree Construction Co., we use Provia Steel Doors which are professional class.  All of our doors come in a wide variety of finishes as well. You can choose from a painted finish or wood grain stain. All doors are zinc galvanized, primed, and then painted and baked. This gives every door a beautiful finish that is durable enough to last for many years.

Defender’s wood grain steel doors are made with full grain and come architecturally stiled and railed to replicate the appearance of a natural wood door.

We also use magnetic weather stripping on all steel entry doors for maximum energy efficiency. This allows your door to seal air tight, just like a refrigerator. The adjustable threshold also seals the bottom of the door preventing under-drafts. Our polystyrene core gives every door an outstanding R-Value for truly superior energy efficiency.

DuPree Construction Co. also allows for each steel door to be installed with a steel frame to maximize security or for the door to come pre-hung on a new jamb. This allows us to adapt to the type of installation that meets our customers’ needs.

Benefits of ProVia Steel Doors:

  • Custom Widths -- Increase Heights up to 8’
  • 7 to 10 Year Warranty -- Against flaking, Blistering & Peeling
  • Wide Pattern of Colors -- Several Glazed & Door Finishes
  • Choose Your Hardware, Accessories & Glass Options

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