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Home siding does more than give your property an attractive exterior; it also keeps the elements & debris from causing damage to the interior. Professional siding repair that may arise from storm damage is very important to keep your home in good condition.  If you need siding repair from storm damage, then contact the siding repair professionals at DuPree Construction Co. in Joliet, IL.  We are trained, licensed, & insured contractors who have over 30 years of siding repair experience. We can help you restore moisture damaged wood siding, dented metal siding, or just replace vinyl siding.

Siding Repair Specialists

DuPree Construction Co. has worked with many types of siding materials.  We are able to handle any issue that comes up with your home siding repair.

Types of siding issues can we service?

  • Vinyl Siding: Widely available and affordable, vinyl siding is vulnerable to cracking, bending, and pulling loose in high winds.
  • Wood:  Can easily get rotted from weather & age.  Most likely would have to be removed & replaced
  • Fiber Cement Siding: While Hardie board is exceptionally durable, the paint used on fiber cement can fade or even scratch and chip.
  • Metal Siding: Quality metal siding can last up to 50 years, but it can also be bent or damaged by high winds, debris, or hail impacts.
  • Wood Siding: Everyone loves the look of wood, though this natural material can be damaged by moisture, insects, and dry rot.

DuPree Construction Co. has provided exceptional customer service and provided reliable, timely, and effective siding repair services to our customers. We are committed to giving the best siding repair experience so that your home can look as good as new.

How Much Does It Cost for Siding Repair?

There are a number of factors that can influence the estimate on siding repair. The average siding repair is expected to pay between $750 thru $2000 (includes labor & materials).

The amount that you pay depends on:

Materials: Vinyl siding can be cheaper to repair, while aluminum siding is more expensive to repair since most of them require full replacement.

Location: The price of your siding repair can depend on the location of the damage on your home. If the repairs need to be done on the 2nd or 3rd level of your home, it can cost more because of increased safety measures. Keep in mind whether it would be better to repair or replace your siding. Repairing your siding is less expensive than replacement.  However, the siding repair can be noticeable and off-color from the rest of your siding. If you replace your siding, then you get new siding, but more expensive. Deciding whether to repair or replace your siding relies on the extent of the damage.

At DuPree Construction Co., we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer experience and putting everything into each siding repair job that we complete. We utilize our 30 plus years of siding repair experience to determine what would be the best option for our customers.  Call or email us today for a free estimate!

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