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Soffits and Fascia often go unnoticed, but they are important components that are vital to your home’s roofing system. An excellent soffit and fascia installation not only boosts your home's curb appeal but it also assists with attic ventilation and pest infestation.

At DuPree Construction Co., we believe in providing our loyal customers with the highest quality soffit & fascia services. That’s why we believe that no home is complete without an expertly installed soffit and fascia system.  We have some great samples we would like to show you at our Joliet showroom.  Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Why Soffit and Fascia are Important

Soffit & fascia are believed to be the last line of defense for your home’s roof. Soffits ensure that there remains a steady airflow in your roof. This is especially important because a build-up of moisture in your roof and attic may lead to mold and rot. They also make your home more energy-efficient as hot air is allowed to flow out of your roof resulting in less energy being spent on air conditioning.

Fascia supports the last line of roofing materials situated on the edge of your roof. They help to defend your home from the elements and they are also the structure that supports your gutter system.  Give your home the support that it needs with DuPree Construction Co. professionally installed soffit & fascia.

Impacts of Improper Ventilation

Most soffit designs don’t provide enough airflow to work with roof exhaust requirements. This results in most homes not being properly ventilated; and roof manufactures won’t provide warranty coverage on homes without proper ventilation. Improper ventilation not only impacts your health but damages your home. Without proper ventilation, warm attic air can become trapped and stagnate, lead to moisture and the formation of ice dams in winter & cause other negative effects, such as:

  • A poorly ventilated attic can cause an environment with high moisture levels
  • Improper ventilation can void roofing material warranties
  • Inadequate ventilation may lead to ice dams and ice back-ups
  • An overheated attic can cause high energy cost and premature aging of your home's building materials
  • Building Code violations may prevent permit approvals


We work with several reputable manufacturers who have designed, engineered and patented some of the most attractive and best performing ventilation products in the industry. With proper ventilation, cool, dry air is drawn in through the soffit and replaces the hot moist air that is created in your attic.

Soffit Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality

With improved building techniques and modern materials, today’s homes are built tighter than ever, which greatly improves energy efficiency. However, the unintended side effect is that fewer air exchanges take place with outdoor air, resulting in overall poorer indoor air quality. When you consider that people spend nearly 90% of their time indoors, that is a large opportunity for improving home air quality.

Health problems associated with poor indoor air quality include respiratory diseases, allergens, asthma triggers, certain cancers & heart disease. Individuals react in different ways to indoor air pollution, depending on age, general health.

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